Monday, June 10, 2019

Babygirl by Rochelle Illy

            Babygirl, is a vanilla story about a young college girl eploring the BDSM world. The slow progression into the story gives you opportunity to completely fall in love with the character as she enjoys being a college student and working. As we are introduced to the second MC, you immediately feel what our female MC is swooning over. Not wanting to spoil this story, I would recommend to any romance novel reader as it is a cute and tempting story.

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Me, Myself, And I by Ilana Diallo

          Me, Myself, and I was a thrilling story about a young werewolf that decides to go her own way. The courage and utter fear demonstrated in the story draws a reader into viewing the story firsthand. The title is unique and befitting of the story as you read it. The vulnerability breathes life into the story. Ilana Diallo, does a brilliant job at creating a fantasy book that portrays reality enough to believe it's actually happening.

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Jet and the Great Snoozie Heist by Leanne S Beadle

Jet and the Great Snoozie Heist is an incredibly whimsical story about one a housecat’s adventure into the outside world. It follows a group of house cats and guinea pigs as they plan and execute a heist so get their favorite treats Snoozies. It’s an amazing read for young readers and a very amusing read for older readers. It’s a wonderful mix of Peter Pan and Cats & Dogs. As we follow the animals throughout the story, we learn to love each of them in their own right. L.S Beadle does an amazing job of making the characters come to live on the page. This book is an excellent choice for anyone who loves adventure, laughs and the occasional talking animal.  

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Apply Baby by Hana Diallo

The Apple Baby is an adventurous tale of how one young family begins their journey into parenthood. The story follows John and Elle as they raise their apple child, Sue. It’s an incredibly unique and ventersome story captivates readers as they follow the young couple through their struggles and successes as a new family. Though only 28 pages this book captivates readers as the family come into their own. As this books follows Sue through to adulthood the reader watches as her family changes and expands with her. When the book comes to an end the reader will be pleasantly surprised to find the perfect story book ending fits well with this unique read.

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Maggie Mae Figures it Out by Missy Anne Moore

Maggie Mae Figures it Out is a bittersweet story that lets us seek a peek into the world of a young girl dealing with grief. Maggie Mae struggles with the loss of her mother and bullying at school. While the second World War slowly comes to an end, a war rages in Maggie’s heart. This book is an beautiful, doleful story that really takes a look into a young girls mind and emotions. The story encourages readers to continue through all the tears and occasional laughs to follow Maggie through her emotional journey. Maggie Mae Figures it Out is a pleasantlyn unique look into the past that has readers holding onto every word.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sophia's Wonderful World of Gymnastics by Leanne S. Beadle

Sophia’s Wonderful World of Gymnastics is an adorable story about a ten year old gymnast. The story follows her as she experiences life both inside and outside the gym. The story encourages readers to cheer her on as she strives for perfection in gymnastics and learns about friendships. This book is a thrilling tale to young and older readers alike. Leanne Beadle gives an adorable and young look into the wonderful world of gymnastics that I can almost guarantee readers have not seen before. 

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Life of Rodney Butler by Robert N. Lewis Jr.

The Life of Rodney Butler is a wonderfully written story about a sheltered boy from Chicago. The book brings lots of laughs, tears and moments of awe as he grows and learns before our eyes. An amazing coming of age story for younger and older readers alike. Robert N. Lewis Jr. does a great job of painting every scene in your mind, playing out every moment beautifully. Every page makes the reader eager to find out what Rodney will face next. The Life of Rodney Butler is truly an amazing book for anyone that loves adventure or anyone who loves accompanying fictional people on the perils of real life. 

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Operation Desert Swarm by Michael Whateley

Operation Desert Swarm is an incredible story about the effects of chemical warfare. Each page of the book encourages the reader to continue to find the end of the journey. The story follows an incredible journey of Toby as he goes through countless trials and tribulations. This is an fantastic read for anyone who loves historical thrillers. Operation Desert Swarm brings together Captain America and Indiana Jones in an wonderful way that leaves readers on the edge of their seats. 

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Portal by J. Edward

Portal is a marvelous sci-fi story that follows Jack on his journey to Earth Two. Jack is an incredibly relatable and unique character, giving life to pages as you continue through, keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time. It’s incredibly unique and different from most other books in the genre. Jack’s adventures are truly amazing to read through and experience with him. J. Edward does a marvelous job of making his characters and storylines to life. A great read for younger and older readers alike with the creativity of it all! (Some Explicit Scenes)

J. Edward comes from a small town rural community and enjoys the more simplistic things in life. Jeff spends his free time in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, building furniture, and planting trees. 

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Babygirl by Rochelle Illy

            Babygirl, is a vanilla story about a young college girl eploring the BDSM world. The slow progression into the story gives y...